"We have been very pleased with the RMP compliance expertise and service provided by MunicipalH2O. Even when they knew we were planning to de-register the facility after converting to sodium hypochlorite, their service never wavered. They even helped us de-register the facility. Great company!"
Samantha Brewer
Madison Suburban Utility District

Simulated EPA Audits

With EPA and state fines increasing as the Risk Management Program (RMP) program matures, many municipal water and wastewater operators have become interested in an independent, third-party assessment of their RMP program and the processes used to maintain compliance with RMP standards. Unwilling to be surprised by an agency audit, these operators want to confirm that:

  1. RMP documents are up-to-date with current regulations,
  2. All documents are filed properly and
  3. their understanding of regulatory requirements applicable to their facilities are correct.

MHC can conduct a Simulated EPA Audit of your facility and prepare a written report identifying potential problem areas, along with recommended ways to best resolve deficiencies. Our Simulated EPA Audit service includes:

  • On site Inspection using EPA forms, checklists and inspection processes;
  • Review of RMP documents as filed with EPA to verify accuracy and completeness;
  • Confirmation of your facility EPA RMP program level; and
  • Development of an Audit Report identifying findings and recommended actions.

With years of experience assisting clients during EPA inspections, we have developed real-world expertise in the EPA audit process. Our independent verification of your compliance with EPA RMP regulations can provide the knowledge you need to make the adjustments needed to ensure continued compliance with RMP standards.

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