"We appreciate the expertise provided by MunicipalH2O to assist us with our RMP program. Due to their guidance, the complexity of RMP regulations no longer seems like a vast black hole."
Christine Wesolowski
Scranton Sewer Authority

Benefits of the MunicipalH2O RMP Compliance Service

Compliance Guarantee

If you implement our RMP compliance recommendations, MHC guarantees to pay 100% of any EPA, OSHA, or state fine resulting from a compliance violation caused by an error or omission by MHC during the term of our services.

Price Guarantee

MHC guarantees to provide full service compliance with state and federal requirements related to EPA’s Risk Management Program Rule more cost-effectively than any other provider.

Web-Based Automation Tools

MHC provides online compliance tools to automatically remind you when compliance is required and what needs to be done to comply.

Secure Off-Site Storage

MHC also provides secure, off-site electronic storage for all your RMP compliance documentation and information making it easy to protect, retrieve and update at anytime from any Internet connection.

Free Consultation and Free Price Quote

We will provide a free consultation and review of RMP compliance issues for your facility and a no obligation price quote for budgeting and planning purposes.


MHC has specialized in RMP compliance for municipal systems for more than a decade. We are the only consulting firm in the U.S. specializing in the automation of RMP compliance for municipal water and wastewater facilities. We have completed more RMP filings and assisted facility operators with more agency audits than any other service provider.

Client Satisfaction

We have satisfied clients throughout the United States, representing all types and sizes of water and wastewater facilities. MHC complements internal or contract engineering service providers with highly automated expertise in the specialized area of RMP compliance.

Affordable Services

We are extremely affordable, offering a monthly payment option and advance payment discounts, as well as options for clients who prefer to use MHC for special needs without a contract commitment.


Our RMP Compliance Service is the most worry-free and cost-effective way to comply with RMP regulatory requirements for water and wastewater facilities.

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