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Emergency Response Plans

The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 requires water systems serving populations greater than 3,300 to either prepare or revise an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) that incorporates the results of its Vulnerability Assessment.

The ERP is a written plan that describes the actions you should take in response to various emergency events such as:

  • Credible threats, indications of terrorism, or acts of terrorism;
  • Major disasters or emergencies such as hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, fires, flood, or explosion regardless of cause; and
  • Catastrophic incidents that leave extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, and disruption severely affecting the population, infrastructure, environment, economy, and government functions.

Protecting public health is a primary goal of local water systems. Maintaining an up-to-date and workable Emergency Response Plan (ERP) can help ensure this goal is achieved in crisis or emergency situations.

MHC provides services to assist water and wastewater operators with development or review of their Emergency Response Plan. These services include:

  • Developing of initial written Emergency Response Plan (ERP);
  • Reviewing existing ERP for accuracy with respect to responsibilities and personnel;
  • Updating existing ERP to reflect changes that have occurred since the preparation of the plan;
  • Ensuring the ERP is accurate and complete according to industry guidance;
  • Identifying and correcting deficient elements of the ERP with respect to industry guidance;
  • Utilizing industry guidance documents to identify procedures for addressing potential malevolent attacks against your water and/or wastewater system as identified in a Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Preparing forms and checklists to document emergency response events; and
  • Providing electronic copies of all ERP documents for distribution to first responders and others

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