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Automated Compliance Alert Service

Water and wastewater facility operators are faced with ever increasing responsibilities and operational challenges. The time required to keep track of frequent changes in compliance regulation and knowing when specific compliance activities need to be performed to remain in compliance becomes an issue for many operators. For operators of multiple water and wastewater facilities in multiple locations or states, these issues are compounded. The MHC Compliance Alert Service provides an easy and convenient way to help busy water and wastewater professionals manage ongoing compliance activities.

The MHC Compliance Alert Service allows you to stay informed of important changes in state and federal regulatory requirements through a reliable web-based system that automatically notifies you well in advance of all EPA and state Risk Management Program deadlines applicable to your facility, as well as manyother regulatory requirements. You will also be notified of changes to existing requirements and informed on updates related to any new regulations. Best of all, our Online Compliance Service identifies what compliance activities you need to perform to comply and provides the tools you need to enable you to complete the work in much less time than otherwise required.

With MHC's Compliance Alert Service you will know what to do and when to do it to ensure that your facility is in continuous compliance with all RMP regulations. The MHC Compliance Alert Service is truly unique in the industry.

Secure Online Storage for Backup and Access to RMP Compliance Documents

The MHC web-based system also provides a secure convenient way for you to store, retrieve, and update all of your regulatory compliance documentation. You are provided with password protected access to a web-based work area customized for your facilities where you can store all of your compliance documentation in a totally secure and confidential manner that is conveniently accessible 24 hours a day. As an authorized user, you also will be able to search, review, edit, save and print any of your compliance documents from any computer with Internet access – all you need is your confidential username and password. You save time and money, plus enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your systems are in full compliance and always accessible to authorized facility personnel.

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